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Without having to buy your own SIM cards. You can send WhatsApp message using our WhatsApp web based panel. Launch your WhatsApp advertisement is as easy as 123. 

send whatsapp message

Why WhatsApp Marketing Works?

23 Users Sign Up Per Day

There are 23 new users registering an account with WhatsApp. You can run a successful WhatsApp campaign at a higher success rate with these many users are using WhatsApp.

More Than 29 Million Messages Sent Per Minute

Data shows that around 29 million messages are shared every minute by the users. This massive figure does not include images, videos, and audio recordings and complies only with text messages.

3rd Most Downloaded App In The World

WhatsApp ranked third most downloaded mobile app in the Google play store. On the other hand, it ranked among the top list in the Apple app store. In December 2015, WhatsApp hits its 1 billion mark.

Purchase Whatsapp Credit

After you have purchased our WhatsApp credit, you will receive an official receipt via your email.

Wait & Look For 2nd Email

We wait for your approval on our proposed internet marketing strategy. Then we start to launch the campaign.

Login To Our Dashboard

Once you login to our dashboard, you will see your WhatsApp credits have appeared in your dashboard.

Happy Using

Yes. It Is As Easy As 123. What Are You Waiting For? Contact Us Today.

Step By Step

Perform WhatsApp mass blasting to your targeted prospect. Before doing that, follow these steps to buy WhatsApp credits from us.
Perform WhatsApp mass blasting is as easy as 123.

Need More Reason To Believe?

90% Open rate

WhatsApp Users tend to open your WhatsApp Message & read it.

Blasting and bulk sending

We offer a WhatsApp marketing solution to blast / send out your WhatsApp messages to your long list of mobile numbers within 24 hours.

Zero SIM Card Purchase

You do not need to buy a SIM card to blast using WhatsApp software anymore. All you need is a click of a button to send out the messages. Prepare your WhatsApp campaign in 5 minutes.

35 Minutes/Day

Approximately, a person usually spends 35 minutes per day in WhatsApp. This implies that you can reach your targeted audience within the window of opportunities.




5,000 Whatsapp credits


most popular





50,000 Whatsapp creditS


WhatsApp Deliverability Report

Download Detailed WhatsApp Report

You can download report in CSV format and view which of every numbers have been delivered successfully or which have not. Do take note that we offer 90% deliverability rate. We are not able to guarantee 100% deliverability rate.

Auto Refund WhatsApp Credits

24 Hours Auto Refund System

We will refund you back any WhatsApp credits if you send to non-WhatsApp numbers. Hence, you don't have to filter which number is using WhatsApp.

Zero Sim Card Purchase

Spend Zero Cost on Sim Card

You don't have to spend any money in buying new sim cards every time WhatsApp blocks your number. Let us worry about that for you.

24 Hours Campaign Delivery

Fast WhatsApp Delivery Campaign

Ensure your prospect get your promotional message in 24 hours. Get your sales boost up in a day.

WhatsApp Marketing Video Demo

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Look At What Other People Are Saying

We have managed varieties of companies ranging from big companies to SMEs
The most important element we are looking in a supplier relationship is their level of business understanding. This company can understand my complicated business structure and able to strategize on how to present it to the mass market. They have a sense of business acumen.
I think the best way to determine whether they are genuine or not is by looking at their experience. This company knows what will happen if we use this strategy. Hence, they advise the best possible solutions to solve the problem and flourish in my business.
When they say they are result oriented company. I have to give it a try to see whether they are true or not. It turns out that they deliver the result as we have discussed before. That’s why continue using their service until now.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. We send WhatsApp messages to different countries. All you need to do is to enter <country code><mobile number>.

It will be displaying in Malaysia numbers. The example is at your right hand side. However, you can request an approval from us to send on your local mobile number. You may contact us at [email protected] or leave your email at our live chat.

It will take a 24 hours for your recipient to receive your message if your list is below 100,000. If your list is more than 100,000, then it will take 1 – 2 days to send out the message.

We will provide you an access to log into our web based portal where you can launched the campaign yourself. It is as easy as 123. 

Yes. You need to put country code at each of your mobile number which you are going to send out.

No. Your WhatsApp credits will never expires.

If your campaign is not approved by WhatsApp operator, we will refund the credit to your account in 24 hours. So please do not worry.

No. You don’t have to. Our system is smart enough to deliver only those numbers in your list with WhatsApp. Hence, we will only be deducting your WhatsApp credit if the numbers have WhatsApp.

It will take one business day after the WhatsApp campaign has been successfully completed.

We offer 90% deliverability rate. We do not guarantee 100% deliverability rate.

Report will only be generated if you launch WhatsApp campaign more than 70 numbers in a single campaign.

whatsapp sample

WhatsApp Sample

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